poetic photography workshop on gotland

june 2017

led by dietlind wolf

photos : dietlind wolf
location : gotland/ sweden

poetic photography,

"how to see with the skin"

a photography and exploration retreat in gotland / sweden
based on the development of your senses

led by dietlind wolf

poetic photography touches.

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” – “The Little Prince”, Antoine de Saint-Exupery

“the taste of an apple … lies in the contact of the fruit with the palate, not in the fruit itself…” – Jorge Luís Borges

with our senses we go into contact with the world,
and in this special contact is hidden the uniqueness of our perception,
how each of us, distinctively, encounters our environment.

poetic photography explores this experience.
through what Juhani Pallasmaa calls “the eyes of the skin”,
the photographer is inspired to create an image of what touches her.
that image in turn touches the viewer,
bringing him into contact with both his own perception and what originally inspired her, the photographer.

our retreat is designed for you to explore this encounter,
to begin to understand how you uniquely experience the world through each of your senses,
how you tell the story of your perception to others through your photography,
and in this process, develop your creative voice.

each day is dedicated to working with one sense (smell and taste are explored together) to offer you the opportunity of slowing down for a fully immersive experience.

the retreat is also a workshop in editing and creating a photo story.
it is a chance to experience each day being seen in your own uniqueness, through sharing and receiving feedback on your work in an open and supportive small group environment.

*retreat schedule:
on the first day, we will get to know each other and explore our surroundings with an initial shoot.
we will then start each morning sharing a selection of each person’s edited images from the previous day,
and with heartfelt respect and an open mind, I will provide guidance on developing your own photo story, told through your personal experience of each sense.
this is followed by a menu of exercises in self-awareness and assignments to personally explore the senses on different levels.
in the afternoon, you will have time to explore the island and shoot, transferring the experience from the self-awareness exercises and assignments into a photo story through each sense,
and then edit your images to share that story with the group the next morning.
this schedule will be repeated across the week for each sense:
 * day 2: touch
 * day 3: smell and taste
 * day 4: hearing
 * day 5: sight
on day 6 after lunch, you will have time for yourself to make any last purchases, ask questions and consider what you will explore after the workshop. we end the day with a farewell dinner and depart on day 7.

*support and guidance:
i offer you my extensive experience with concepts including styling for editorial magazines.
i will guide you through the complete realization process from ideation and storytelling into your own professional photo story with final art direction,
and deepen your insight into, and reveal hidden aspects of, the whole editorial photo production process.
i will share creative methods to help you develop ideas and stories for individual and unique photo productions, along with general and detailed color/theme styling concepts.
i aim to increase your perception, sensibility and sensory awareness.
i will encourage you to open yourself to be inspired by the beautiful and very special island of Gotland,
and to show this in each of your stories. 

a tranquil island,
where you will find ancient fossils beneath your feet, 90 medieval churches and curly black sheep,
where you will enjoy delicious food, long daylight, open space and a huge northern sky…
where you can wander through shades of grey, let your eyes fall in deep turquoise blue waters, and
perhaps see wild orchids.
you will stay in a beautiful former family house, with original rustic furnishings, a greenhouse and garden;
a whimsical place near the sea.
you will have a single room, but as it is a family home, there is one bathroom to share.
you will have access to a car to explore the island on your afternoon assignments.
the group is limited to 4 people to provide maximum support, with both one to one and group sessions.

in short, you can expect:
intense days
full of experiences and learning
guided from the heart with knowledge and care.

you may choose to attend one of two identical workshops 

 workshop 1 from 3. of June to 9. of June
 workshop 2 from 10. of June to 16. of June


*required knowledge and equipment:
good understanding of manual (RAW) photography, camera handling and basic digital image processing
one digital camera body
3 or 4 lenses depending on camera type (wide/normal/portrait/macro)
laptop and external hard drive for image processing and review
working knowledge of photoshop/capture one, or similar software
(power adaptor, if needed)
portable reflector
driver licence (if you have one)
your own personal travel insurance is required, especially if you wish to drive 


*retreat includes:
*5 full days of workshops, plus 1 arrival and 1 departure day
*personal one-on-one sessions
*6 nights accommodation (private bedroom with shared bathroom)
*6 breakfasts
*5 lunches
*6 dinners
* access to a shared hire car, including for transfers from and to Visby airport
* trips to special places and shops on Gotland

*not included:
travel to and from Gotland
any personal purchases such as props and souvenirs, or food and drinks bought while out exploring

workshop is to be paid in advance
 *price 2.987,- € *
class fee is without vat,
other fees depending on country  

*if you are interested,  please send me an email, and i will send you the application form.


*feedback from past workshop participants:
“I truly would recommend this workshop for everyone who wants to move forward in their creative work. I think was the best workshop I’ve ever attended. For me it was an opening experience and even more importantly, I felt I could accept myself as a creative and human being.”

“I would absolutely recommend your workshop to others. I thought it was fantastic.”

“I loved your lessons and the ‘presence’ you brought to each day. I felt ‘seen’ by you and in doing so felt propelled to really investigate myself and my process. You are a very special teacher/facilitator.”

“It’s given me more courage to just try and make.”

“The workshop helped shine light on change that I had bubbling under the surface. Sometimes you need time, space and a person to help you see the change you are trying to create.”

“I think some kind of process started in me during the workshop and it’s bringing me closer to what I really want to do.”

*about Dietlind:
Dietlind’s work is determined by her unique way of perceiving the world with all the senses – always surprising and inspiring.
she is an international photographic and ceramic artist, represented by Taverne Agency.
her photographic stories are seen regularly in international magazines such as Sweet Paul, Happinez Netherlands, Home and Garden.
her ceramic functional art collection is exclusively available at ABC Home in New York and on personal request, and has been featured in international magazines including Marie Claire Maison, Elle Decoration UK, China Ceramics Illustrated, and in books such as “Happy“ by Amanda Talbot (Murdock Books) and “Your Idea Starts Here“ by Carolyn Eckert (Storey Publishing). the collection has also been exhibited in fairs including “Maison et Objet Paris”, and in galleries in Amsterdam and Paris.
Dietlind’s illustrations and photography have been published by Storey Publishing and DM Store Window Display
together with Torsten Suedfels (photographer) and Pia Westermann (food stylist), she co-founded Kitchentrinity, to provide sensual food pleasure and manage big campaigns, including most recently for Fage International. Kitchentrinity is represented by Taverne Agency.
Dietlind is also known for her lectures as guest speaker at the Hive conference (English) in Berlin, and her regular appearances at Liz and Jewels food styling and photography workshops.

Dietlind has an exceptional sense for color and materials in her art, which she combines with her expertise as former textile designer for haute couture, long time prop stylist, ceramicist, photographer and her never ending curiosity.
she has an eye for the unintentional and an awareness for the moment.
it is the things happening in the corner of your eyes that make her work so authentic.
a leading idea or concept sets the framework for her work, which is defined by an over-all conceptual perception and a special eye for detail.
viewing her photography is always a sensuous and poetic encounter.

 to find out more, visit

to find out more about the previous workshops, visit:

workshop :
dietlind wolf

 in gotland/sweden

photos : dietlind wolf
location : gotland/ sweden

after years of searching ,thinking and planning how to realize my long time goal , to held workshops 
i finely choose gotland to be the destination for my first 2 workshops.
and i am so happy that it became reality.
i was and am still so exited about the beauty of gotland and how special it is,
this island in the baltic sea with its unique history ,
and  would love to share the experience with you.

are professional and amateur food, flora, prop and still life lovers,
who know how to work your camera and computer,
who are driven by nature, details, authenticity and beauty. 
who like to explore, collect and combine,
who are open to deepen their sense awareness and get a glimpse of their own personal sense language, 
who want to tell unique personal photo stories,
who want to use it for editorial productions and photo shootings,

WE (artist and island)
will guide you through the complete realization process from ideation and storytelling into your own professional photo story with final art direction.
will offer and deepen your insights and also hidden sides of the whole editorial photo production process 
will use creative methods to find ideas and stories, general and detailed color/theme styling concept 
aim to increase your perception, sensibility and sense awareness , 
will show you important ingredients for individual and unique photo productions.
would will inspire you to get yourself being influenced by the beautiful and very special island Gotland, 
and to show this in each of your stories. 

The workshop is held in english ,
limited  to only 6 participants , to provide professional and personal guidance.
it will include exercises of self awareness , one-on-one personal sessions with me and
trips to special places and shops 

required is good knowledge in photo shooting camera handling and basic digital image processing
one digital camera body
3 or 4 lenses depending on cameratype
wide/ normal/portrait / macro
laptop for image processing
photoshop / capture one , or similar software
external hard drive for editing and review
(converter if needed)
portable reflector
shooting RAW

is recommended, about Gotland itself and exercises which you will receive in advance.

we are staying in an old traditional farmhouse with a beautiful organic greenhouse and kitchen garden.

the coast is in walk distance, the path is surrounded by juniper and wild roses, you walk on 400 million year old     Fossilisation and the area of the little harbor village Herrvik is one of the most beautiful spots on the island,
we will have visits to the fantastic place Furillen, as well as exquisite prop and artist tours.

photos: with curtesy from  cecilia mellberg ( 1dietlind wolf)
*workshop1: 15.-20.of June 2016
15. is arrival day incl. dinner, 20. departure incl. breakfast 
limited to 6 oarticipants to guarantee a max.of support 

*workshop 2 : 21.- 25.of June 2016
21. is arrival day incl. dinner, 25. departure day incl. breakfast
limited to 6 people to guarantee a max.of support.

*workshops includes:

*4 full days workshops 
 *1 arrival and 1 departure day
*personal one-on-one sessions,
*5 nights Accommodation
*5 breakfasts
*4 lunches
*5 dinners
*ferry/ airport pick up and return (airfare/ ferry is not included)
*trips to Visby  Furillen and special prop shops
*most single rooms available First come first serve ,
*Deposit : 1000 € when booking is confirmed,
*final payment 11. of may

2.350,- € *
class fee is without vat, 
other fees depending on country

*about Dietlind Wolf
dietlind wolfs work  is determined by her unique way of perceiving the world with all senses – 
always surprising and inspiring.
She is an international photographic and ceramic artist and represented by taverne agency,
Her photographic stories are seen regularly in worldwide magazines, sweet paul magazine, happinez netherlands,home and garden, 
her ceramic functional art Collection is exclusively available at abc home in New York and on personal request and is published in international magazines, Marie Claire Maison, Elle deco uk, 
China ceramics illustrated Magazine, in books „happy“,amanda talbot, (Murdockbooks )
„your idea starts here“Carolyn eckart (Storey publishing)
and exhibited on fairs „maison et objet“/paris, and  in galleries in Amsterdam and Paris
her illustration/photographies are  published by Storey publishing and dm store window display
publishing ), 
Dietlind develops and produces stories for international and national companies and magazines and 
together with torsten suedfels ( photographer) and pia westermann ( foodstylist) the 3 founded Kitchentrinity, to provide a sensual food pleasure and manage big campaigns, as recently for Fage company. kitchentrinity is represented by taverne agency
Dietlind is  also known for her lectures as guest speaker at the hive conference (english) in berlin 
as well as regularly on the workshops of liz and jewels.

She has an exceptional sense for colors and materials in her art, which she combines with her expertise as former textile designer for haute couture , long time prop stylist , ceramist, photographer and her never ending curiosity. Dietlind has got an eye for the unintentional and an awareness for the moment. It is the things happening at the corner of your eyes that make her work so authentic..
It is always a leading idea or concept that sets the framework for her work and her entire work is defined by an over-all conceptual perception and a special eye for details.
Viewing her photography is always accompanied by sensuous and poetic perceptions .

find out more about dietlind

if you want to apply or  further information please contact me via email  
so exited to meet you.

08.02. 2015
ein jahr später und ich freu mich wieder so sehr bei liz and jewels eingeladen zu sein, 
diesmal in berlin und für einen halben tag! die beiden haben wider eine grossartige location aufgetan,  ihre Wärme und Gastfreundschaft gepaart mit geballtem Wissen machen das Lernen leicht. herzlichen dank, euch beiden!
und ich freu mich auf euch, die ihr teilnehmt.


Food Styling & Photography Workshop in Berlin

Berlin,wir kommen! Ja, und das im März! Wir planen wieder einen super Workshop, in dem ihr lernt, wie ihr mit gutem Styling und der passenden Perspektive professionelle Foodfotos machen könnt. Wir vermitteln die technischen Fotografiegrundlagen und verraten euch, wo ihr passende Accessoires und Hintergründe findet. Außerdem geht es um Bildaufbau, Komposition, Bildbearbeitung und Typografie. Also jeder, der einen Blog hat oder haben will, der aus der Gastronomie kommt, oder selbst schon länger fotografiert und lernen möchte, wie man so richtig schöne Foodfotos machen will, ist bei uns richtig.
Diesmal wagen wir etwas Neues: Wir möchten gern zwei Tage im „Berlin Loft“ mit euch verbringen, um möglichst intensiv an der Fotografie und dem Styling arbeiten zu können.
Außerdem konnten wir wieder die wunderbare Dietlind Wolf gewinnen, unser Gast zu sein. Sie wird uns mitnehmen in ihre Welt des Stylings und uns voller neuer Inspirationen, Ideen und Blickwinkel wieder in die reale Welt entlassen. Wir freuen uns riesig!
Die Location „The Berlin Loft“ ist auch etwas ganz besonderes: Eine alte Fabrikanlage, in der man denkt, die Zeit wäre stehengeblieben. Mit 4 Meter hohen Decken, Original belassenen Betonfußböden und Vintage Möbeln ist es eine wirklich beeindruckende Location.
Wir sind mega gespannt, wen wir im März in Berlin treffen werden und freuen uns riesig auf die zwei Tage!
with curtesy from Liz&Jewels


as i did not take one single shot.. please check out here to get a glimpse of the wonderful workshop.
lisa and julia you did again a amazing job,thank you!!
how you  did prepare organize and document the workshop just excellent, 
 i loved it so much being there the whole day and accompany you for a while, 
talking about,what is important for me in styling, choice of material and color towards food.
and i am so curious to see  what all of you will do… thank you so much for your enthusiasm, it was a pleasure meeting you,

12. 02. 2014


Ich freu mich sehr, wieder eingeladen zu sein! Diejenigen die Lisa und Julia auf ihrem gemeinsamen Workshop erlebt haben, wissen wovon Ich spreche.
lizandjewels geben wieder einen ihrer sehr besonderen und bereichernden Eintages Workshops 
auf einer grossartigen Location. 
Mit einem geballten ,klar strukturierten und bildhaft vermittelten Wissensinhalt ,
viel Feingefühl für Details und einer hinreissenden Begeisterung für das was Sie tun, 
habt ihr wieder die Möglichkeit einen Blick hinter die Kulissen zu werfen, 
dort wo die wirkliche Magie stattfindet.
Ich werde auch diesmal wieder über den Aufbau und Gestaltung 
von individuellen Konzepten fuer  Foodstrecken erzählen, 
und was es braucht dass aus einem Bild eine ganze Strecke wird.

ich freu mich euch weiterzusehen und neu kennenzulernen,

guest speaker 
5. januar 2014 in münster/germany 

frisch veroeffentlicht 

liz and jewels haben mich als GUEST SPEAKER  eingeladen 
in ihrem neuen workshop in muenster 
am sonntag 5. januar werde ich ueber die besonderheit im styling 
bei der auswahl von  farbe und material fuer foodproduktionen sprechen. 
noch sind ein paar plaetze frei, und ich wuerde mich freuen euch dort zu treffen bzw. wiederzusehen.
der workshop findet in deutsch statt. 

liz and jewels did invite me as a guest speaker during the new announced workshop in january,
check out here:
my topic is about colors and materials in styling to use for food production,
the workshop will be in german.


  1. Liebe Dietlind, es war eine Wonne Dir beim Workshop von Liz & Jewels zuzuhören. Ich hätte gern noch mehr von Dir und Deiner wunderbaren Arbeit erfahren. Aber wie heißt es so schön, man sieht sich immer zweimal im Leben.

    Alles Liebe und Gute für Dich, Mona

  2. would love to participated in another of your workshops ;)
    ciao bella!

  3. If you have any new workshops, how can I find out about them? I would love to attend. Thank you! ~Jackie Donnelly (Seattle, USA)

  4. It looked absolutely divine. Wow. Please can you keep me informed about any upcoming workshops. Many thanks.


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